No one should take risks when it comes to an investment like kitchen and bathroom remodeling. A flawless remodeling process requires expertise and years of practice. Community Builders has continued to successfully provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to the greater Seattle area for over 14 years.

We take pride in retaining long-term clients through efficiency and excellence. As a team, we streamline the job with professionals that each specialize in a unique area of expertise. We hire sub-contractors who have worked with us for years and understand where their strengths are. This approach minimizes the possibility of costly mistakes and unnecessary purchases.

David and Valerie Minor of Community Builders

David and Valerie Minor, Your Community Builders

We consider each client a member of the team. Our philosophy is simple: we listen to you. To Community Builders, listening means more than just following instructions. We strive to see your vision through to the end and bring your dream design to life. This goal requires a well developed budget, a meticulous schedule and an extensive development process.

Creating a beautiful kitchen or bathroom requires superior craftsmanship. At Community Builders we cultivate that attitude with team brainstorming sessions. As a client, you will help stimulate discussion on site. We think it is important that each team member, as well as the client, understand the big picture behind each step. However, we are seasoned enough to know that unexpected things do happen. That is why we have “design-on-the-fly” specialists who are chosen for their ability to deliver results under any circumstance.

We take pride in representing Seattle and the surrounding areas. Community Builders began as, and continues to be, a family owned business. Our service reflects our family values. When we enter your home, we will treat it like our own.

Our clients expect quality, and we deliver it on all fronts. This means finding the best materials within your budget limit. We choose them with your one-on-one input, ensuring a style that matches your taste and personality.

While remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, we keep the style of the entire home in mind. When all is said and done, you’ll go home to an up-graded interior that feels just right.

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